The Vintage Collection draws inspiration from the design of classic fire hose nozzles, pairing a modern spout with bold handles. Each element, from the rounded brim at the spout’s top to the undulating handles complete with carefully designed cut outs, resembles the traditional forms of the fire house featured in the historic Chicago Fire Department logo.


Drawing inspiration from a traditional water pump, transforming an outdated product into an elegant and modern object for everyday use. Whether in the single-hole version, or in its widespread or wall-mounted models, Bali retains its unique ties to both the past and the present.


The design of the contemporary Harley faucet collection was derived from the stylings of classic motorcycles, fusing an industrial aesthetic with details nostalgic of the all-American icons.


Like a celestial element floating along the wall,  the Luna spout seems to magically deliver a stream of water. Luna’s singular design reigns supreme, not only for its aesthetic characteristics, but also for the mirror-like finish giving a highly reflecting effect to its surfaces.


Onda features an outstretched and sleek design that is accented with a slightly raised curve at the base of the handle which mimics a cresting and undulating wave.


With a characteristic flat spout and distinct shapes and lines, Java represents the perfect fusion of contemporary design. Created to meet the requests of the hospitality sector,  this collection offers a trusted quality and precision.