Homestead Farm

The Kitchen brief for this stunning New Build Home in the heart of the beautiful Dorset countryside was clear…

‘I want a truly bespoke reclaimed wood and galvanised steel kitchen, reminiscent of outback buildings back home in Australia,’ said Debra.

Debra had been to numerous kitchen design companies before approaching Elementi Cucina and was told the same thing ‘Sorry we can’t do that’ Katie Lusty, Design Director at Elementi Cucina, on meeting Debra said ‘Hell yeah! We can do that’ and then set about designing and creating a truly unique, show stopping kitchen, with the client on board for the entire wild ride from conception to completion.

Katie set about designing the kitchen with our joinery team, teaming egger board carcasses in sultry graphite grey (well the inside needed to be as amazing as the outside), a mild banded steel, with rivet edge detail was used as the frame for the reclaimed wood doors and galvanised sheet material cladding was used for the island back units and cladding panels, finished off with rusted mild steel plinth with a clear lacquer.